The organization which prepares and holds the Delphic Games is the International Delphic Committee, which headquarters is located in Russia (officially registered in 2003).

Among main priorities of activities is holding the Delphic Games, popularization and development of the International Delphic Movement, search and support of young talents, promotion and development of common to all mankind values by means of art, preservation of world cultural heritage, cultural upbringing of the growing up generation.

The activity of the International Delphic Committee has found support of heads of states and governments of a number of countries. Besides, the International Delphic Committee has established business relations with UNESCO.

Events which are held within the Delphic Movement are widely advertised and covered by more than 90 leading mass media and advertising agencies, and Official Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Delphic Games as well as the most important nominations are broadcasted by television channels live.

DELPHIC GAMES is the registered trade mark