From 21 to 26 of May, 2021 the Twentieth Youth Delphic Games of Russia were held in the Perm region. The Games were held under the patronage of the International Delphic Committee and the aegis of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

1947 people took part in the Games, formed in delegations from 65 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Competitions were held in 28 categories of classical, folk and modern art.

In official team championship the first place took the delegation of the Perm region, the second – of the Novosibirsk region, the third – of the Moscow region, the fourth – of the Samara region, the fifth – of the Krasnoyarsk region, the sixth of the St. Petersburg. 77 sets of medals were drawn during the Games.

Within the framework of the Twentieth Youth Delphic Games of Russia the Fifteenth International Conference was held.

From 20 to 22 of May, 2021 within the framework of the Fifteenth International Conference of the Twentieth Youth Delphic Games of Russia the First Finno-Ugric Delphic Cup was held in Kudymkar (the Perm region). The team of the Republic of Karelia became the winner among 10 delegations participated in the event

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